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CollegeEd(R) 9th Grade Student Workbook: It's Up to Me!- in Spanish

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Please note: This item has been inactive and is not available for purchase.

This item has been discontinued and is not available for purchase

CollegeEd is a collaborative academic and career planning curriculum for students, teachers, and parents, designed to empower students with the necessary skills to envision their goals and achieve success in higher education. Adaptable to the goals of any school, the core program builds a path from Middle School, developing student's test-taking and study skills, through High School, showing the importance of rigor in their course work, walking them through the application process, financial aid and finally getting ready for college.

The CollegeEd 9th Grade Student Workbook divides 20 lessons over 10 digestible units that walk high school freshmen through a year of thoughtful academic planning as well as career and goal setting for high school, college, and beyond. Each participating student will also receive access to MyRoad, the College Board's easy-to-use, interactive website for exploring majors, colleges, and careers.