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AP(R) World History Teaching Unit E1: Peasant Rebellions of the Twentieth Century

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Note: Please be advised that these teaching units were created prior to the course revisions implemented in the 2011-12 academic year. However, the units still address topics central to the revised course. [Electronic Document] Peasant rebellions have occurred throughout history, but during the twentieth century such organized rural discontent has been repeatedly successful in overthrowing established governments and in setting limits (though rarely in dominating) the post-revolutionary governments. This four-lesson unit relies on the model developed by anthropologist Eric Wolf to explain peasant revolutions and leads students to apply the model to the cases of peasant uprisings in Mexico and Vietnam. Students learn about the strengths and limitations of peasant movements and gain experience in using a formal social-science model.

The first lesson focuses on listing the various types of rebellions and then on organizing them into a typology and linking them to Wolf's model. The second and third lessons provide information on the lives of peasants and a timeline of the revolutionary movement. The fourth lesson encourages students to integrate typology and content in a compare-and-contrast essay.

Students address the types of rebellions through brainstorming and then by studying the model of peasant rebellion. For the cases of Mexico and Vietnam, they work in groups to define essential terms for understanding each movement and analyze a timeline. They then discuss how to fit this information into Wolf's model, and they assess the effectiveness of the model in explaining peasant rebellions.

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48 pages

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