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AP(R) World History Teaching Unit A1: The New World History

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Note: Please be advised that these teaching units were created prior to the course revisions implemented in the 2011-12 academic year. However, the units still address topics central to the revised course. [Electronic Document] This teaching unit works best as the introductory unit to the AP World History course. In order to be encouraged to think about overarching global patterns and themes, students need to be guided on an initial walk through processes of global study and interpretation. As students learn to move beyond basing their understanding of history on isolated civilizations and regions, they need to become comfortable with new temporal and spatial perspectives. This unit presents principles and methods that encourage linkage in the study of world history for all times and places: it addresses all time periods in the AP World History course, and all regions of the world. The seven lessons in this unit address multiple perspectives, connections of local and global history, definitions of world history, periodization, visual literacy, Habits of Mind in world history, and a synthesis of these skills. The unit can be used in the first week or so for any secondary (or college) classroom. Student activities include drawing "mental maps" (maps of the world from memory), group discussion of a text on geographic perspectives, brainstorming on meanings of world history, conducting a critique of a textbook, visiting Web sites to develop visual literacy writing narratives on periodization, and discussing why history matters.

This PDF file is 78 pages long and approximately 600k in size.