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Orators & Philosophers: A History of the Idea of Liberal Education, 1995

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Bruce Kimball, author. This prize-winning book provides a cogent study of the historical evolution of the idea of liberal education. Clearly and forcefully argued, the book portrays this evolution as a struggle between two contending points of view - one oratorical and the other philosophical -- that have interacted, often controversially, from antiquity to the present. 'A sustained attempt to navigate through the rocks and shoals of our modern arguments about liberal education...the outcome is a very important book which warrants close scrutiny, especially by anyone interested in the fate of liberal education.' -- Francis Oakley, president emeritus of Williams College, in Community of Learning "Kimball's thorough and provocative historical study of the idea of liberal education would be a valuable contribution to educational thought at any time...when attention to reform is widespread...the virtues of this book became even more apparent." -- Harvard Educational Review "At long last a study of liberal education has appeared that succeeds in elucidating the dynamic tension within the concept in historical and contemporary terms...It is an uncommonly useful and timely volume."