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AP(R) World History Teaching Unit B2: The Severing of Eastern and Western Christian Civilizations

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Note: Please be advised that these teaching units were created prior to the course revisions implemented in the 2011-12 academic year. However, the units still address topics central to the revised course. This unit studies the evolution of the schism between the Western European (Roman Catholic) and Byzantine (Eastern Orthodox) branches of Christendom. The lessons address the characteristics of Byzantine Christian civilization and the emergence of the Latin West; the emerging cultural differences separating Byzantium from the West; the distinction between imperial Constantinople and papal Rome; the myth of 1054 and why this date does not mark the final separation of Byzantine and Western Christian civilizations; and the impact of the first four crusades (1096-1204) on the division of Christendom. Student activities include analysis of maps, discussion of text documents, commentary on two versions of a key speech by Pope Urban II, a debate on the events of 1204 in Constantinople, and writing assignments. The unit includes an appendix with six essays that provide historical background information not normally found in world history textbooks, keyed to the relevant lessons.