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AP(R) World History Teaching Unit B1: Travel and Interchange: 1000-1450

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Note: Please be advised that these teaching units were created prior to the course revisions implemented in the 2011-12 academic year. However, the units still address topics central to the revised course. [Electronic Document] The links among regions through travel are the emphasis of this unit, which illustrates interregional connections in the period from 1000 to 1450 through examples centering on West Africa, the Eurasian heartland, and the oceanic routes of the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. The five lessons address the influx of Islam into sub-Saharan West Africa; the fortunes of Christian missions to Mongolia and China; land travel across Inner Asia; the geographic lore and knowledge of Europeans, Arabs, and Chinese before 1450; and the Ming oceanic expeditions under Zheng He. Student activities include discussion of text documents in inner and outer circles, analysis of maps, comparison of two accounts of transcontinental travel, critical assessment of geographic knowledge, and creation of imagined primary sources. The lesson includes an appendix with essays analyzing several documents presented in the handouts.

This PDF file is 38 pages long and approximately 300 kb in size.