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AP Mentoring Full-Year for AP U.S. History Teachers

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This item has been discontinued and is not available for purchase

Please note: By purchasing AP Mentoring you are indicating agreement to the program terms and conditions outlined on the AP Mentoring Website.

AP Mentoring for AP U.S. History Teachers provides online, teacher-to-teacher support for AP teachers of all experience levels. It connects AP teachers who want to enhance their teaching skills with expert AP teachers who have significant instructional experience and deep content knowledge. Through AP Mentoring, teachers located anywhere in the country receive personalized feedback throughout the school year that can be immediately applied in the classroom.

Here's how it works:

  • The program runs from fall through summer of the corresponding academic year.
  • Mentees choose an available AP mentor in their subject and join one of that mentor's groups of up to four mentees.
  • Each group meets online monthly through video chat, completing 10, hour-long sessions over the course of the school year.
  • Mentees are active participants. They work with their mentors to set goals and to analyze and modify their own teaching practices, and they collaborate and share feedback with their fellow mentees.
  • Mentees will receive 2.0 continuing education credits for successful completion of the program and may also meet district-mandated professional development requirements.